About Tony Hicks and headshot sessions ...

Are you in Toronto and thinking you'd rather go to the dentist than get new business headshots taken? Ever said one of the following?

  • The camera hates me.
  • I really don't photograph very well.
  • The best pictures of me are candid ones.
  • Can't I just use the shot that guy took of me in 1997? That was a really good one.

I gotta tell you, I usually feel exactly the same way. In fact, I fell into headshot and portrait photography completely by accident. It's a long story that we don't need to get into here, but the short version is that I was a photographer but also a real estate agent who had to get his headshots taken from time to time and always hated the whole process! I felt that I had to be better looking than that cheesy goof in those photos. Who is that guy? And why are his eyes closed? And what's with the faces he's making? And why did the photographer not offer any help with any of this??!

The truth is I still usually look sub-optimal in photos, but I've learned how to help others look great. No, really. A lot of it is just about getting outside of your head and having fun with it! Great cameras and lenses are helpful; so is getting the light right; and subtle retouching never hurt anyone. But the most important element of a successful headshot session is letting go and having fun with someone who absolutely loves what he does and who really cares about helping you get the most out of the shoot. Even if you're an actor you've probably trained not to look straight at the camera and may not enjoy the process! Most of the people pictured on this website said to me when booking their session, "I really hate having my picture taken and don't feel at all comfortable in front of the camera." Many of those same people then wrote me a testimonial afterward saying how much fun they had. I'm going to make this fun and comfortable for you, I promise.

I know this sounds a bit over the top, but in a way I fall in love a little with each face I photograph. There's beauty in every face and the shots I'm proudest of are the ones which really capture the person behind that face. Photographing landscapes and architecture doesn't interest me at all and I suck at it; but photographing people and capturing them at their best is just so much damn fun, I can't begin to tell you. And let's be honest: if you look great, I look great by extension. Winfinity!

Let's face it, too, whether you're a business person, a professional, or an actor, we live in a very visual world of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and people are out there judging you based on your photo. Terrible, right? True, though. You need -- more than ever -- the best headshots you can possibly get. And without sounding completely arrogant, I'm going to help you get those.

So stop putting off booking the headshot or portrait session you know you've got to book. We'll have a blast. I promise you. You can get in touch with me here to book a session.

- Tony Hicks

ps. Still have questions? Some of them may be answered on my FAQ page; otherwise, don't hesitate to get in touch.

pps. While headshots are what I do every day, I also do commercial and editorial work. Contact me to talk about your needs. Some of my past clients can be found here.



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