What people are saying after their session....

"I loved my session with Tony! He made what could have been a rather uncomfortable experience (I am no natural model!) an incredibly positive one! The 'tips and tricks' included on his website were super helpful - and made me take the session a little more seriously than I might have originally (!!!), considering different dress and look options depending on the type of job and personality I wanted to portray. Tony has a lovely demeanour and immediately upon arrival sets one at ease. He is encouraging and helpful - and honest! - and has a great sense of humour, which lightens things up :) I was very happy with my photos and will definitely have him touch up more than just one. And, of course, will recommend him to my friends and colleagues. Thank you, Tony!" - Lauren Michell 

"I recently had my business head shots done with Tony and I must say it was a great experience! I was dreading the shoot as I am one of those individuals who hates having their photograph taken. Tony made me feel comfortable and surprisingly I was actually able to enjoy having my photograph taken. The proofs were fantastic and I would certainly recommend Tony to anyone." - Kristiana Cope

"He had me at HELLO! A handsome, intelligent, funny and laid back dude completely at one with his discipline. I'm not one for photo shoots (even though I'm gorgeous) but Tony made me feel like I was the center of the universe. The thing I enjoyed most about the experience is that it was FUN. My 45 minute time slot (last one of the day) turned into a 2 and a half hour party. Never a dull moment, no awkward silence or hesitation on what to do next. Tony provided an environment that was very comfortable to be in; fun, relaxed and yet focused on the agenda. The end product? Check it out for yourself at www.thejamesgroup.ca. The next time slot I book will not be for a shoot, I just wanna hang out with the guy! Tony, exceptional work Champ, thank you." - James Theodorakopoulos 

"I loved working with Tony! Not only does he ensure the utmost professionalism and care for all his clients, his sessions are comfortable and fun. A true joy!" - Eliza Martin

"Thank you Tony for making me feel beautiful! You are such a professional and your ability to put me at ease helped to make these photos spectacular. You are incredibly talented and you made the entire experience enjoyable!"  - Jenelle Cameron

"I needed a new headshot, I really did. My last professional shot was 11 years ago, and let's face it, I've changed, for better or for worse. I contacted Tony, as he had produced great results for many colleagues of mine, so felt very comfortable in going in this direction.  Tony's tips to get me ready for the shoot were super helpful, and made me comfortable to arrive ready. I don't like to have my photo taken. I feel awkward "posing" and being complimented. Once I got into it though, I really had fun, and Tony made me feel super at ease during the shoot. It was like talking to a friend, while they take your photo. I was very pleased with all of the options Tony sent to me post shoot to peruse - there were so many I liked, it was difficult to choose the winner ! Once I sent him my favourites, he was able to turn around the retouches quickly, and with fabulous results. He claims on his website you will get the best head shot of your life, and I had high expectations. Tony delivered, and I couldn't be happier to use the image he created for my business needs!" - Heather Holmes

“Tony Hicks came highly recommended by numerous colleagues, yet I have to admit I was skeptical. I enjoy getting my photo taken about as much as having root canal done – I find it literally painful, and I’m never happy with the results. However, from my initial contact with Tony and throughout the entire process, he proved himself to be extraordinary in every way. He is extremely personable, has an excellent sense of humour and most importantly, he’s phenomenal at putting people at ease and ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable experience. After the photo shoot, Tony kept in touch throughout the whole editing process and didn’t rest until I was happy with the results. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tony to anyone wanting a professional and unparalleled photography service. “ - Analena Rebelo

"I decided to get some new photos taken for my real estate marketing pieces and I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a great photographer. The response I instantly got from several people was Tony Hicks. I booked a photo session, and had such a great time working with Tony. I felt comfortable and was on board with the direction Tony was suggesting throughout the shoot. Upon receiving my photos, I was overwhelmed by the quality and style of the photos Tony took. I absolutely recommend Tony to anyone looking for a professional photographer! Thanks for the fantastic work Tony, I'll see you for photos again soon." - Sebastien Rahman

"Tony was fantastic! He makes you feel comfortable very quickly and is a true pro. I am so happy with my photos and had fun to boot! I would highly recommend Tony's services." - Iris Duncan

"Tony Hicks is truly passionate about photography! Not only did I receive great results with my photos, but I had fun during the shoot too!  I hate to have my photo taken, and professional shoots make me feel a bit nervous and anxious. However, Tony was such a professional! He made me feel relaxed, calm and at ease. I would highly recommend his services to any individual needing headshots, or any professional photos. I will definitely be returning to Tony for his photography services in the future!" - Kristen Young

"What a great time I had at my photoshoot with Tony Hicks. I was apprehensive at first, but Tony quickly made me feel comfortable in front of the camera which resulted in a relaxed, natural looking photo.

I am extremely pleased with the results, as I'm usually saying, delete delete! I had several poses to choose from which Tony helped me to narrow down until he eyed the perfect look!

I highly recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for an exceptional photographer, with a great personality!"  - Sandi De Camargo

"I am blown away by Tony's work. His work is beyond amazing. He takes the time to really capture his subject's personality and delivers an image that actually connects the viewer to the person in the picture. This a special talent. Without a doubt he is the best there is!"  - Shirley Porter

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Tony. He made me feel very comfortable during the photo shoot and the photos came out great. Thanks for your great work Tony."  - Claudio Campoli

"Hi Tony, I can't thank you enough for your immaculate eye. Although I hate pictures of myself, you managed to capture my true self while making me look like a rockstar. Your warm and inviting personality made it very easy to relax in front of the camera. I love your work and crazy mind. In all of the years of having photos taken of me, the session with you was by far my favourite. Even afterwards your attention to detail with my proofs and quick turnaround time really helped me out of a jam. I will forever sing your praises and look forward to working with you again. Sincerely, Jeff" - Jeff Ironi

"Tony is such a loveable guy, you can't help but be relaxed during his photography session. He is able to relate to his clients and takes the time to understand what they are looking for. I was impressed with the time and care he took setting up the shots & how meticulous he was getting the lighting just right, which I think is at the core of his successful results. I would recommend him not only to my real estate colleagues but anyone looking for a great photographer." - Lynda Gorges

"Working with Tony was a pleasure!  Having one's photo taken can sometimes be uncomfortable and impersonal, but Tony's relaxed and humorous approach brings the best out of his clients, resulting in fabulous photos.  I highly recommend working with Tony." - Leanne Stevens

"We first heard about Tony through our office. We needed new head shots done and his name came across our desk. We looked up Tony's work and his portfolio appeared top notch. We booked our appointment with high hopes but with nervousness of knowing how much we dislike getting our professional photos taken. Upon arrival we were immediately impressed with the studio. It's professional, clean and calming. We enjoyed listening to tunes (good mix by the way) and we were quickly able to get into the groove of shooting. Tony your pointers on how to stand and how to capture the emotion we were trying to shoot were really helpful. When we were done we were simply hoping to get a single usable shot for our marketing materials. When we got the proofs we were overwhelmed with options, in fact our biggest challenge was choosing our favourites! Tony delivers. I don’t need a new photo at the moment but I also can’t wait to go back and shoot again next year. In a digital age where professional photography is paramount we are confident we have found a photographer who can deliver outstanding images!" - Jules and Joel Carcone

"Working with Tony was fantastic! He definitely knows how to bring the best out of people in a photo shoot and the results show his passion for this job. His no-pressure, fun and friendly style made our experience very enjoyable. The tips he sent us well ahead of our session were also so helpful for us not to waste time and be ready for what was coming. Thanks so much Tony! We'll definitely be coming back to your studio." - Claudia & José 

"In the midst of a ‘photo frenzied’ society, it may seem odd that I have a severe sense of fear that overwhelms me when I hear the words “smile – “ and a camera is pointed at my face. Tension invades every part of my body which is counterproductive if the whole point of a photo is to convey your most natural, unique attributes – to give a person viewing the finished product, an idea of who you are. Realistically, I want my headshot to capture the best of my physical appearance as well as a glimpse of the interior of who I am; to grab the attention of a casting director………..and thus, an audition. Tony Hicks is the photographer you want – from the information that he shares with you before your actual shoot; to the actual finished products. He balances the line of maintaining a professional demeanor with creating an environment where I felt less vulnerable to ‘play’ with many expressions, movements, and styles. I appreciate Tony’s photographic expertise as well as his understanding the ‘art’ of listening to what my needs and wants were and to assist me in the final selection processes. It is not often that I truly like looking at a picture of myself yet I did not linger at the image and when my daughter said “ The new pictures are great mum. There are a few that really capture your vitality, grace and gentleness.” I realized how absolutely talented Tony Hicks is! He does indeed capture so much more than a one dimensional person. I highly recommend him." - Patsy McVicars 

"I have never had professional photos taken before so when I decided to have a professional photoshoot done for my real estate marketing material, I was a bit uneasy with the outcome of the photoshoot, afraid I would look like a robot in every pose. However, Tony made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into his studio. His humour and laid back attitude combined with his photography/lighting expertise, resulted in me having a great time. Most importantly, the proof was in the photos which came out exceptionally well. In fact, I had a hard time selecting my favourite pic from the list as there were so many. Thanks for making me look like a model instead of a typical and outdated real estate professional." - Bruno Soares 

"I would highly recommend Tony to anyone requiring business headshots. This was my first set of professional head shots and as someone who hates getting their picture taken, Tony not only made the session very relaxed, but a lot of fun. I was extremely pleased with the results as Tony was able to capture the 'true me' at my best. Great work! Thanks Tony!" - Fern Garside

"A true artist! Professional, visionary, and fun! Tony made my first professional photo experience and photos incredible and unforgettable!" - Ashley Barnes

"Tony did such a great job in creating my professional head shots. He made the process perfectly comfortable and provided great advice about which shots would look best. And it was fun! He also accommodated all of my preferences for retouching selected photos until they were just right - I couldn't be happier with the final result."  - Alex Cardow

"Tony has an amazing ability to get you comfortable in front of the camera and surface facial expressions that reflect your personality. The session flows nicely and the results are impressive." - Peter Kondos

"Tony froze his hands off to capture a photo of me through a cafe window. It's a gorgeous shot that I will eventually use on my next book jacket." - Sandy Day

"Having known Tony for some time I was pleased to be able to use his creative talent to help me with new headshots and pictures of my Personal Trainer studio for website and publications. 
Tony surpassed expectations, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Much success to you Tony since you help us all look just a little better in that moment in time." - Alex Eid

"Tony is professional and enjoyable to work with. From our first conversation, I felt that he understood my vision for my headshots. He also shared suggestions of his own, which I greatly appreciated. I ended up with an incredible amount of beautiful shots to choose from! Much more than I have had from other photo shoots in the past with different photographers. I highly recommend Tony for his talent at his craft, his genuine care in what his client is looking for, and for his ability to make a photo session so enjoyable.  Thanks again Tony for exceeding my expectations!" - Amanda Stevenson

"Tony makes one feel welcome upon arrival at the studio. A great conversationalist, Tony is able to get you to feel comfortable, and shrug off the worry of being photographed. As the session moves along, and we're feeling relaxed and comfortable, moving from shot to shot, it all works. In the end, armed with a huge selection of proofs, it's not hard to find several that look awesome. Tony is able to capture the person rather than a static boring headshot. We're all personalities, and that's what is being captured here. I felt that this was money well-spent, and a fun session, for sure." - Robert Gordon

"I had the best experience with Tony Hicks. He was very warm and welcoming when I arrived at the studio, and never made me feel rushed during the shoot. He allowed plenty of time to change and get myself ready, and offered great tips before and during the shoot. I am so happy with my photos and would very highly recommend Tony to anyone needing photos! I feel like I've known him for years, and hope to stay in touch! " - Lorrie Boucher

"Tony is the consummate professional. A pleasure to work with, patient and a perfectionist to boot. I couldn't be happier with my photos and gladly recommend him to anyone I know looking for wonderful headshots." - Ruth Halperin

"Thank you Tony for making me feel beautiful. Tony made my first professional photo experience and photos incredible and unforgettable. I absolutely recommend Tony to anyone looking for a professional photographer . He is FANTASTIC." - Homa Eydivandi

"I have not been photographed for a number of years and I was a little apprehensive about how the session would go...a little camera shy. Tony put me totally at ease and coached me through the session and the results show. I am my worst critic but I have to say the shots turned out to be very flattering. If you want to make a statement in your profession have Tony photograph you. You'll be noticed! " - John Brydon-Harris

"It was a pleasure working with Tony! He has such a great eye and I was so happy with the proofs of my professional headshot, it was tough to narrow down to just one. Needless to say I ended up with a great photo! I will definitely use Tony again in the future and will absolutely recommend him to anyone else in need of professional photos." - Bethany Baram

"Tony is a consummate pro in every sense of the word! I can't say enough about how comfortable I felt for my session, especially when I must admit that I'm the furthest thing from comfortable in front of a camera. He's incredibly patient in finding a great shot and he has an unbelievable knack for making you feel at ease right out of the gate. If you want amazing photos done by a top shelf guy in a genuinely fun environment then look no further. Tony is your man!" - Wade Johnston

"I needed new business photos and I am SO glad I went to see Tony...my photos were amazing. He captured my essence and beauty unlike anyone else. Highly recommended!" - Alena Sarjoo 

"Like so many people I dreaded the thought of doing my headshots. Yet nothing looks worse than using that ten year old dated photo --like, who are you kidding with that. But as soon as I got to Tony's studio my apprehension fell away. He's got a relaxed vibe there, he let's you make wardrobe changes, fix your hair and make-up a hundred times over and generally doesn't rush the process. The results I got are wonderful. I now welcome it when people ask "can you send a photo with your bio". You're in good hands with Tony doing your headshots!" - Ramona Alaggia

I had amazing photo shoot with Tony!! He is the best photographer I have ever been to, he is passionate about his work, he makes you feel like a real star and the results are terrific! His studio is really cool, he has the best equipment, lights, camera...Action! I would highly recommend any one who wants the best pictures to go and see Tony Hicks!! - Sylvia Santarelli

Working with Tony was a fun and easy going experience! He definitely made the atmosphere comforting and added his own touch of humour to make it more personable. I would highly recommend his services. - Leila Kiani

The only person I ever trust to take my headshots is Tony! The shoots are a blast - sometimes even a struggle to pose through laughter! Tony's shots never disappoint, and he is able to make anyone feel comfortable in his/her own skin! Thanks to Tony for the years of consecutively stellar shots! - Becca Moss

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